High Fire Porcelain

Each piece is made individualy by either throwing
on the wheel or forming by hand

Display with Flattened Floral Metallic Teapot,

Large Floral Metallic Wavy Bowl,

Metallic Floral Platter

Display at Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair.
Mirror with cone design, large Vase with ruffled top and colored accents,
Flower Bowl design and medium size Vase with ruffled top

White Porcelain Vase 20" high, wheel thrown and hand formed

Porcelain shell bowls, flower arranger and vases

Porcelain Shell Bowls
with floral accents of colored porcelain clays

Small (approx. 10"dia), Medium (approx. 13" dia) and Large (approx. 16"dia)

Really Large (approx.  20+")  not pictured above



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