Free Form Wall Sculptures
Pat and Dave Dabbert

Most pieces are commissioned, occasionally
we will have a wall scuplture pictured that is currently available.


(Click on photo to see installation or detail)


"FLORIDA SUNSCAPE" (available)
Hi-Fire Porcelain Triptych with underglazes and clear overglaze.  This piece is awailable, click image for details

Hi-Fire Porcelain two-section cone design,
colored clay with clear opalesecnt glaze. 
Click image for installation photo

"CORAL FLORAL"   (available)
Hi-Fire Porcelain Triptych with 3-dimensional colored clay cone design with clear opalescent glaze.  This piece is available, click image for details.



Hi-Fire Porcelain tiles with underglazes and clear overglaze.
Tiles are mounted on exteror woodbacking.
Click image for installation photo


"White Egret"
Hi-Fire Porcelain multi-tiled relief,
glazed in soft semi-matt finish
Click image for installation photo


"Dune Wave"
Hi-Fire Porcelain cone and leaf design
Taupe colored clays on off-white multi-tile background,
with clear opalesent glaze.
Click image for installation photo



"Mirror with Cone Design and Fish"
Hi-Fire Porcelain Cones
with clear opalesent glaze
Click for larger image 


Additional Installations


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