Flower Tiles   3"x  8 1/2"  $85 each (dark red $95)

To order please call 941-925-9929

Flowers are available in Peach, Mauve, Lavender, Blue, Yellow, Aque or Dark Red
with light Bermuda Green, dark or light Alvacado Green leaves.
Flowers and Leaf colors can be mixed and matched or ordered in custom colors.


Lavender Carnations /dark Alvacado Leaves,         Yellow Dafodial/ dark Alvacado Leaves,          Blue Iris/ dark Alvacado Leaves

Mauve Poppy/ dark Alvacado Leaves,           Lavender Lilac/ dark Alvacado Leaves,           Peach Hibiscus/ Bermuda Green Leaves

Peach Daisys/ light Alvacado Leaves,             Dark Red Poppy/ light Alvacado Leaves,             Mauve Lilys/ dark Alvacado Leaves

Each porcelain flower tile is glazed in a semi-matt off white
and the flowers and leaves are a gloss glaze.
All tiles have a wire hanger on the back for easy mounting.


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